First off, a disclaimer.  I didn’t go this year.  I only followed the announcements like the rest of the world that didn’t attend.

With that said, there were a few that I found especially interesting and somewhat important.

My Picks

Amazon:  I mentioned in my 2017 prediction post that I’m putting my bets down on Amazon Alexa.  CES 2017 didn’t disappoint.

Faraday:  Specifically the  Faraday Future FF 91 SUV.  I’m not overly sold on it .. However, I’m super happy there is growing competition in the electric vehicle market.

LG, Samsung, Sony TV’s:  I love TV’s.   There were some really impressive devices unveiled.  The LG Wallpaper looks super cool.  1MM thick??!!

Nvidia:  Specifically the announcement of their new Game Streaming offering.  I just like seeing more entries in the gaming ecosystem.  Everyone wins.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote:  Apparently, this controls any device just by pointing at it.  Come on… that’s cool.

Buddy – Family Companion Robotwho doesn’t need this?  Robots, they are coming!  We’ll see more like Buddy starting next year I believe.  What Buddy needs is a little of Alexa integration.

AR:  Lots of good new AR tech.. Like this

Smart Bicycles:  I don’t cycle.. But if I did, I’d want my bike to be smart

Whill’s all-terrain wheelchairNice – good to see this much needed tech sector advance.


What I didn’t care so much about:

  1. New laptops.. From just about anyone
  2. New tablets.. From just about anyone
  3. New watches and wearables – yawn