I just arrived home from DevReach 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria.  I have spoken at this conference 4 times now, and all I can say is that DevReach 2011 now sets the standard for all new DevReaches to come.

With an allstar cast of speakers – from Scott Hanselman, Jesse Liberty, Tim Huckaby, and Stephen Forte (only to name a small few) – this year’s DevReach was spectacular.

You can check out some online content at DevReach Online

I did three sessions (two with Stephen Forte) on the following:

  • A Dash of Kanban Anyone? (With Stephen Forte)
  • Want Better Estimates? Stop Estimating!
  • The Agile Buffet Table: Implementing your own Agile process (With Stephen Forte)
As always – I’m super grateful to have been invited once again to speak.  It was great to meet all the new faces and to have the many(many) deep and inspiring conversations with everyone about the future of our industry.  Special thanks to Telerik and my very good friend Martin Kulov who organized the event – great job!