This won’t be a long post.

I feel, however, that I owe a short post about how Steve Job’s and his legacy has inspired me.

Yes, I’m a Microsoft Regional Director, a Microsoft MVP, and have dedicated most of my career to Microsoft * – there is no denying this.   I didn’t even touch an Apple computer until University – however, when I did.. I remember thinking “.. wait a minute.. um.. this compares to Windows 2.0 .. how?”  Apple has always stood out a leader..Apple, however, couldn’t be Apple without Steve Jobs.

Steve pushed our understanding of what we “need” and what we “want” out of computing.  His visions, although some controversial, have changed the landscape and have always set the bar high for the rest of the technology world.

Steve Jobs inspired me personally.  I would often think “what would Jobs do” many times when building my own software.  He was, in many ways, the Henry Ford of our time.