Why Kanban Matters to All Teams

I had the privaledge to participate in a webinar hosted by Scrum.org on Kanban.

The title of the session is “Why Kanban Matters to All Agile Teams”

In this video I focus on how the Kanban Method (via David Anderson) can really be used to augment an process, and be a fantastic tool to help guide process improvement initiatives.  As I say in the video, process improvement focus is likely the single most important practice I want to see from every team, despite methodology or belief system.  I was once told “If you’re not improving.. you’re dying”.

I hope you enjoy.


You can find more really great webcasts on the Scrum.org webcast site: http://www.scrum.org/webcast

Just a shout out to David Starr who invited me to participate in the webcast.  I appreciate the opportunity.

BTW:  I have a few more Kanban sessions if you’re interested:







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